We are proud to announce that the ROKI TECHNO MALAYSIA Plant has officially obtained Halal Certification for the filter cartridges used for Food and Beverage related production by the Halal certification body of Malaysia – JAKIM (JABATAN KEMAJUAN ISLAM MALAYSIA).

In recognition of the increase in the demand of Halal certified products especially in the areas of Food and Beverages, our company has put the Halal Certification into motion. The process of the certification has benefited us in terms of knowledge and understanding the customer needs so as to aid us in the expansion of future variation of our products.

■About Halal
The concept of halal products or foods is now gaining a worldwide discussion due to its recognition as an alternative benchmark for safety, hygiene and quality assurance of what we consume or drink daily. Thus products or foods that are produced in line with halal prescriptions are readily acceptable by Muslim consumers as well as consumers from other religions. For a Muslim consumer, halal foods and drinks means that the products has met the requirements laid down by the Shariah law whereas for a non-Muslim consumer, it represents the symbol of hygiene, quality and safety product when produced strictly under the Holistic Halal Assurance Management System. Therefore, consumers nowadays are so much concerned and always be aware of what they eat, drink and use. Our company is Halal Certify Company (JAKIM)

■Certified Product
・PEA, DIAⅡ (Certification aquired on Jaunuary 1st, 2016)
・EX, COSPA-NEXT, MSRP (Certification aquired on March 1st, 2017)
・CES, CTL, MPX (Certification aquired on June 1st, 2017)

■Halal Certificates

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