This is an additional announcement from one of our group companines "ROKI M&S Malaysia" regarding the launch of Halal certified products.

We are proud to announce that ROKI M&S Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. (ROKI M&S Malaysia), an affiliated company of the ROKI Group, has obtained Halal certification from the government-managed organization JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) for other three kinds of filter cartridges produced for the food and beverage industry.
The Halal food and beverage markets are expected to grow in the future and the company has positioned themselves to meet
those increasing demands from customers.
Japan has increased the importance of Halal in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics scheduled for 2020, and emphasizes awareness
within its domestic market as well.
We plan to build further expertise in Malaysia, a country which is considered to have one of the highest Halal standards, and continue to expand our variation of Halal certified products to further accommodate to the needs of our customers.

■Certified Product
・PEA, DIAⅡ (Certification aquired on Jaunuary 1st, 2016)
・CES, CTL, MPX (Certification aquired on June 1st, 2017) *New Certifications

■About Halal
Halal means that it is legal in Islamic law, primarily representing food and beverages that meets the Halal criteria.

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