Main example of ozone use

  • Ozone generator & Ozone system lineup
  • Explanation of ozone
  • Main example of ozone use
  • Support for plant engineering
  • オゾン関連製品検討書フォーム



Application Use Ozone phase ROKI TECHNO
applicable products
Semiconductr Wafer washing Gas phase, ozone + H2SO4 FA
Liquid phase DW
Film formation Gas phase FA
Photo resist removal Gas phase, ozone + UV FA
Pure water regeneration Gas phase FA
Sterilization of water (aseptic filtration) Gas phase FA,BA,BX
15. Water treatment (waste water treatment) waste water treatment Gas phase BA
17. Waste water recycling Gas phase FA,BA
18. decomposition of organic matters in plating waste water Gas phase, ozone + UV NZR,FA,BA
19. Dye waste water Gas phase BX
Others 21. Film surface reforming laminator Gas phase BA
Decomposition of exhaust gas (deodorization) Gas phase BX

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