Filter equipment

ROKI TECHNO is able to propose not only single products such as filters and housings but also systems of filter equipment which are optimal for customer’s applications and liquid.

We can meet following customer’s requirments.

  • Basic evaluation of filters before using them for the mass production, such as removal efficiency, differential pressure vs. flow rate or presence of extractable substances.
  • Simulation for the number and the length of filters required for the mass production.
  • Making a small quantity of liquid.
  • Reduction of liquid loss at the time of filtration.
  • Compact filter equipment without worrying about the space available for the filtration process.

  • Skip of the effort for designing, purchasing of components and assembling for filter equipment.
  • Flexible mobility of filter equipment with a caster equipped in order to use it at various places.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Safe work with measures such as electric control or anti-exposure specifications.
  • Suitable filter equipment for liquid with high viscosity.

Specifications of filter equipment can be customized as requested including customization of filter housing, pressure feeding method (air, pump), tank (with or without jacket), pressure gauge, electric control and caster.

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