Procedure for selection of filter

スマッキーROKI TECHNO’s mission is to help customers have the liquid which is ideal for them. In other words, we realize ideas of customers. To achieve this, we implement filtration tests as necessary using actual liquid of customers at our filter laboratory and propose customized filters as well as solutions for problems customers have examining their entire filtration line. We are specifically developing high evaluation of customers for “the classifying filtration technology” which is increasingly needed in the industry recently.

The filter which we want to propose to customers is selected with the following steps.


Detailed hearing on the purpose, conditions and problems of currently used filters which customers have for their filtration!


We propose filters and the filtration line in general which best fit the conditions of customers.


Small-scale tests or mass production tests at actual lines is implemented at customer’s sites using filters we propose. We welcome to implement test (attendance tests) at ROKI TECHNO’s laboratory using customer’s actual liquid, too.

Based on the test results, we re-select best filters or propose custom-made filters as necessary.


Here, the best filter to be used is decided.


Even after we decide the best filter, we keep proposing optimal filters according to the change of customer’s needs.

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