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Privacy Policy
ROKI TECHNO CO., LTD. (the “Company”) is committed to promoting the protection of personal information. To this end, the Company has established its Privacy Policy as follows, maintains a system established for protecting personal information, and ensures that all employees are fully aware of the significance of protecting personal information and properly act to protect personal information.

1. Management of personal information
The term “personal information” used in this Policy means any information about a living individual which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information, or by a code, mark or any other sign assigned to each individual or their photographic image or voice (including such information that cannot identify the specific individual independently from other information, but will allow easy reference to other information and thereby enable the identification of the specific individual). The Company prescribes appropriate internal rules and clarifies the responsibility for controlling customers’ personal information with the aim of keeping such information accurate and updated and preventing unauthorized access to such information or its loss, corruption, falsification, leakage or other incident. In addition, the Company carries out thoroughgoing employee education and other necessary steps and takes proper security measures in order to ensure strict control of personal information.

2. Purposes of using personal information
The Company will use the personal information that may be received from each customer solely for the purposes listed below.
(1) Replying to a question asked by the customer
(2) Performing an agreement executed between the customer and the Company
(3) Contacting the customer to schedule business meetings
(4) Announcing of the Company’s products or services
(5) Providing administrative services concerning shares and other securities
(6) Analyzing the Company’s products or services from various perspectives
When the Company carries out any project in collaboration with its group companies (meaning the parent company, subsidiaries, and other companies owned or controlled by the same parent company), the personal information provided by a customer to the Company in writing, by e-mail, through data input on a website or by any other means may be further provided by the Company to any group company solely within the scope of the purposes listed above. In this case, the Company will supervise those group companies to ensure that their use of the personal information will be intended solely for the purposes listed above. In this regard, each customer is entitled to demand that the Company stop providing the customer’s personal information to the Company’s group companies.

3. Prohibition of disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties
The Company properly controls the personal information received from each customer and will not disclose it to any third party except in any of the cases listed below.
(1) The customer gives consent to the disclosure.
(2) The Company intends to make such disclosure to its contractor undertaking services outsourced from the Company to the extent necessary for achieving the purposes of use specified in Paragraph 2 above.
(3) Any applicable law requires such disclosure.

4. Security measures for personal information
The Company implements all possible measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

5. Inquiries from customers
If a customer requests to inquire about, modify, delete or otherwise handle the customer’s personal information, the Company will respond to such a request after verifying the requester’s identity.
6. Compliance with applicable laws and standards and revision of this Policy The Company complies with the laws and other standards of Japan applicable to the personal information under its possession and will review this Policy from time to time to seek its improvement on an ongoing basis.

When a customer wishes to request the Company to disclose, correct, delete or discontinue using or providing any third party with the customer’s personal information, or when a customer wishes to raise a complaint about the handling of the customer’s personal information, the customer is requested to inform the Company at the following contact point.

6-20-12 Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0013 Japan

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