Our Group Efforts Towards Quality

Quality Policy

We will continually improve the quality of our products and strive to be the number one partner to our customers.

Our approach to providing the best quality to our customers are as follows:

The Three Elements of Quality

We are defining quality into three elements and are constantly working to improving customer satisfaction.
We will improve the quality of our work by raising the quality of our employees, and improve the quality of our products by raising the quality of our work.

Product Quality
  1. Product development that responds to market demand by pursuing inherent technologies.
  2. Stable product supply by a consistent quality assurance system of vertical integration from design to production and to sales.
Work Quality
  1. Continuous improvement by the ROKI GROUP Integrated Quality Management System.
  2. Implementation of quick proposals by substantiation and analysis technology.
Employee Quality
  1. Increase skills of employees thru Company Training System (Smacky College)
  2. Encouragement of in-house certifications and qualifications (expertise, management technology, and public certifications)
Quality Assurance Organizational Chart

We constitute the following quality assurance organization, and commit to the quality assurance system to work towards product quality improvement.

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