Corporate history

December, 1978 Nippon Roki K.K. (meaning Japan Filter Co., Ltd.) was founded in Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo. While selling hydraulic filters, the company started developing the filter cartridge for magnetic painting (complex depth filter cartridge), which was regarded difficult to develop with technologies available at the time.
January, 1981 Completed the development of the filter cartridge for magnetic painting using the high classifying technology. It was first adopted by most Japanese magnetic tape manufacturers. It was then adopted by major magnetic tape manufacturers in Korea, Germany, the U.S., etc. It finally dominated the world market in a short period of time and became the resource of the company’s growth.
February, 1984 Newly established the Hokuriku Plant in Naka-Niikawa-Gun, Toyama Pref., and built a production system for depth filter cartridge of string wound type covering the total process from raw materials to final products.
December, 1984 Moved the headquarters to Omori-Kita, Ota-ku, Tokyo
June, 1985 Established the Kyushu Business Division in Kurume City, Fukuoka Pref.
February, 1986 Built a mass production plant of the high precision filter cartridge at the address above, with a clean room constructed for the first time in Japan. At the same time, the Kyushu Business Division was reorganized as the Kurume plant, where the company fully started the shipment of the filter cartridge of surface type for the medical and chemical industry in the U.S.
March, 1988 The company fully started shipping the filter cartridge of surface type for the domestic beer industry where draft beer became the dominant product after the so-called dry taste battle.
December, 1988 The company annexed Nichiro Kogyo K.K. which was a subcontractor of the company.
December 1989 Expanded the Hokuriku Plant as a mass production factory of the filter cartridge of capsule type.
February 1990 Constructed the Yame Plant(present Kyushu Plant) in Yame-Gun, Fukuoka Pref. to fully start the production of the depth filter cartridge of winding type (non-woven fabric winding type).
December, 1991 The company changed its trade name to the current ROKI TECHNO Co., Ltd.
February, 1994 The company registered itself as an over-the-counter company at the Japan Securities Dealers Association, and listed its shares at JASDAQ stock exchange.
August, 1996 The Yame Plant(present Kyushu Plant) was certified for ISO9002, the international standard of the quality management system.
November, 1996 Established Shin-Nippon Ozone K.K. (then changed its trademark to ROKIENGI Co., Ltd.) as a subsidiary.
August, 1997 Consolidated the Kurume plant into the Yame Plant(present Kyushu Plant).
July 1998 Moved the headquarters to Minami-Ohi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
November, 2000 The Hokuriku Plant was certified for ISO14001, the international standard of the environmental system.
May, 2002 The Yame Plant(present Kyushu Plant) was certified for ISO9001: 2000, the international standard of the quality management system.
October, 2002 Established the Kyushu Sales Office to strengthen the sales in Kyushu area.
November, 2002 Opened a liaison office in Shanghai to strengthen the sales in Asian territory.
February, 2003 The company started to reform its management with MEBO, calling the year “the second foundation year”.
July, 2003 Since a complete parent company was established with MEBO, the company was delisted from the JASDAQ stock exchange.
August, 2004 Field research was started in the U.S. to strengthen the sales there.
February, 2005 Obtained the license of the piping construction (Tokyo municipal government) for the water supply pipe washing business.
May, 2005 The company was awarded the Selete Award 2005 by Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies (SELETE) for its support of the next generation semiconductor development. The title of the development for which the award was given was “Development of Conductive Pad for Copper Electrolysis Grinding”.
April, 2006 Annexed the subsidiary, ROKI ENGI Co., Ltd.
May, 2006 The Hokuriku Plant was elected as one of the “300 middle-scale companies which are active in manufacturing” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
June, 2006 Opened a liaison office in Atlanta City, Georgia
September, 2006 Expanded the Yame Plant(present Kyushu Plant) for the second time in order to further promote the clean project.
January, 2007 Osaka Sales Office is opened in order to reinforce sales activity in West Japan.
May, 2009 Expanded the Yame Plant to establish the production system in a mid-and long term perspective and aggressively introduced energy-saving equipment as an environment-friendly plant. With the expansion, the plant changed its name to Kyushu Plant
July, 2010 Established a subsidiary company, ROKITECHNO SINGAPORE PTE.LTD.(present ROKI GROUP INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD.) in Singapore.
July, 2010 Registered to Company-Wide Environment System, ISO14001.
October, 2011 Established Tohoku Sales Office in order to enhance sales promotion in the Tohoku and Hokkaido area, and also changed its name to Kansai Sales Office from Osaka Sales Office for further promotion of sales in the Kansai area.
April, 2012 Established a subsidiary company, ROKI S&S Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.
January, 2013 Established ROKI GROUP HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and built a holding system.
October, 2013 ROKI TECHNO CO., LTD. has established ROKI TECHNO KOREA CO., LTD. in the Republic of Korea for the purpose of selling industrial filter cartridges, ozone generator and water treatment system.
December, 2013 Renamed ROKI M&S Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. from ROKI S&S Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
April, 2014 Established Yokohama Monozukuri Center in Kanagawa.
July, 2014 Established a subsidiary wholly owned by ROKI GROUP International Pte. Ltd., ROKI S&S America, Inc. in Torrance, California, USA for business expansion and sales reinforcement in the Americas.
December, 2014 Renamed ROKI GROUP CO., LTD. from ROKI GROUP HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
May, 2015 Established a sales office of ROKI M&S Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for further business expansion in Malaysia.
October, 2016 Renamed ROKI S&S Korea Co., Ltd. from ROKI TECHNO Korea Co., Ltd. At the same time, changed a ROKITECHNO Co., Ltd. 100% owned subsidiary to a ROKI GROUP International Pte. Ltd. 100% owned subsidiary.
January, 2017 Reorganized sales offices and expanded to five (5) locations of Tokyo, Toyama, Nagoya, Kobe, and Fukuoka Sales Office.
October, 2017 ROKI TECHNO CO., LTD, established a new company "ROKI TECHNO MARKETING CO., LTD." by company split which is responsible for sales of products in Japan.
And ROKI M&S Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., changed its name to ROKI S&S Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
May, 2018 Acquired 100% of issued shares of TROIKA K.K.(Currently the TROIKA JAPAN Co., Ltd.) that became a subsidiary of ROKI GROUP CO.,LTD.
October, 2018 Established ROKI S&S Korea Sales Office in Busan.
February, 2019 Established a new office of ROKI GROUP in Mita. ROKITECHNO MARKETING Tokyo Sales Office and TROIKA JAPAN moved to ROKIGROUP Mita Office.

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